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LG TV launched a promotion that changed more than 250 prizes

LG presents a "Christmas OLED" promotion, nationally, which will draw more than 250 brand products for the purchase of LG OLED TVs with artificial intelligence (AI).

A little more than a month before the Christmas party, LG presented a "Christmas OLED" promotion, nationally, which would attract more than 250 products from the brand to purchase LG OLED TV with artificial intelligence (AI).

Promotions that take place from November 16 to December 26 this year consist of purchasing certain models of LG OLED AI TV channels (65W8, 65E8, 65C8, 55C8, 65B8, 55B8), and below that, customers can access sweepstakes for products that were previously has been selected from a list of more than 250 products from various brand categories such as white lines, audio, television, cellphones, and projectors.

"For this Christmas, buying or giving LG OLED TVs with artificial intelligence is a good choice because it allows you to search for content and access voice commands to use TV, which makes the experience easier and entertaining," said Youngrok Kim, Product Manager from the television division in LG Peru.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, users can search for direct voice channels based on names, actors, directors, films, TV series, applications and more. Unlike other TVs on the market that only produce results on YouTube, in the case of LG, it will allow search on multiple platforms simultaneously, produce results on YouTube, Netflix and the Internet, which are cataloged by films, series and videos.

In addition, artificial intelligence will allow the use of more than 100 voice commands consisting of talking directly to the Magic Remote, where the requested action will be executed automatically and allow users to control their TV, select and configure input and sound mode. and images, video reproduction control, content access and configuration menus.

Finally, LG informed that the drawing date is January 10, 2019 and for more information about promotions, you can visit the following link

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Author: Antonio Paredes – Date: 11/16/2018

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