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Olanta Humala | The prosecutor, who hid audio recordings for Madre Mia, has tried to destroy them

El Comercio Research Unit

The Prosecutor Marco Guzman Baca, who for six years hides the audio recordings suggesting the alleged acquisition of witnesses in the case of Madre Mia, tried, in full investigation, to destroy all the evidence that concerns the current former president Olanta Humalaas evidenced by several documents with which El Comercio agreed. Guzmán received this material as a result of legal phone calls made to the leader of Senderista Florindo Flores Hala "Artemio".

Gusman Bacha is registered as a valid Nationalist affiliate in the March 2012 register, as recorded on the Infogob National Electoral Board website.

On 26 September 2011, the prosecutor sent an official letter to the Special Investigations Division of the Divine Directorate for Drugs (Divines) requesting the removal of this material. According to the document, Guzman asks the Dept. Technical Department of the Deity to "commit the destruction of acts that are unnecessary or unrelated to crime or investigation. […]"The investigations referred to by the prosecutor are related to the so-called Twilight Operation in Alto Huala, the purpose of which is to capture the last Leader of Liberty in Freedom: Artemio.

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– The facts –
On August 15, 2011, through another trade, Guzmán revealed that he knew of the existence of audio signals that were compromised. Humala when he asks the police to separate these records on CDs. The document reads: "In order to order the divine from the DNA, through the chamber of judiciary, to make a new record of the audio of the messages that are considered useful and relevant in the CD-related messages called Twilight (Alto Huallaga); and in another CD, those that correspond to the transcripts of alleged acts of buying witnesses. "

On September 22, Divines responded to the prosecutor and asked for details of the audio that would be destroyed.

The following day, Guzman replied to the police that although some of these records were related to the Madre Mía case, they were not the subject of his investigation. "With regard to the audio files of Communication No 02 of Protocol No 001/56-a-03-11, it is necessary to specify that this is known to concern the alleged acquisition of witnesses described in detail by the police body. , with regard to the audio files of Communication No 02 of Act No 002/56-a-04-11, it is obvious that it is not related to the facts being investigated, since it is the destruction of both data from the audio communication files , "The document states.

Request from the Prosecutor Guzmán Baca was not fulfilled, three police officers who participated in the capture of Artemio pointed out to this newspaper. They also pointed out that even if the prosecutor wants the legitimate telephone record to be destroyed, there is a backup in the constellation system.

For the criminal, Mario Amoretti, this material had to be transferred to another prosecutor. "If there are facts that are serious about indications of committing a criminal act that can not be destroyed but sent to another prosecutor to conduct the case investigation," he said.

– The answer of Guzmán-
In dialogue with El Comercio, the prosecutor Marko Gusman – Who was separated from this case and then returned to the state ministry thanks to a review recognized by the deactivated CNM, replied: "Look, when there is such thing when there is destruction, everything is done officially, with a fiscal presence, with presence There is nothing wrong with the authorities, the defense lawyer, this service suddenly has some typographical error, suddenly it has such an interpretation, but I have never stated that nothing can be destroyed by the main source, and the booklet, we were together. […] because in the file that gathers to take the judge there can be no external things, things that have nothing to do with the case.

Attorney at law Olanta HumalaJulio Espinoza states that Law 27697, which regulates the interception of messages, finds that records that are unrelated to the fact investigated must be rejected.

– Received a report from Heredia-
On 9 December 2015, the then first lady, Nadine Heredia, filed a robbery complaint on their agenda before the Prosecutor's Office Marco Guzman BacaAt that time, the magistrate ran the Prosecutor's Office in Lima.

At present, Guzman sends to Lima's Provincial Prosecutor's Office 30. In August 2018, the disbanded CNM restored the prosecutor.

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