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Pirah: a minor who disappeared in June, was found dead in the Paita [FOTOS] | community

After twenty-one days of continuous search, a 15-year-old girl reported to have disappeared in the area Paita, in Piura, was found without life. The body is open to farmers in the sector Paredones, In the area Vichaya, floating in the waters of River Chira,

When the relatives heard the warning, they immediately went to the place with a contradictory hope of finding the child and at the same time wishing that the body was not her. However, because of the braces and tattoos they identified on the body, they were able to confirm Gelen Cruz, the teenager has disappeared since June 22.

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According to Milagros Seneca, Mother 's mother Gelenhis daughter left on Saturday, June 22, toward the house of a friend named David, who owed him money. About 19 o'clock the teenager sent a voice message to Whatsapp telling Milagros that she was with her girlfriend who was charging her money.

Later the last communication with her was a message telling her that she would arrive home at 8 o'clock in the morning.

The hours gone by and the desperate mother started looking for her daughter on the streets of the area and filed a complaint at the police station City Fisherman, I find no reason to locate the Gelen and condemning the lack of support from national police, Milagros Senache uses social networks to boost demand.

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Thanks to this, known from Gelen He sent Milagros a message in which David agreed with the teenager to see him Vichayal, where I would introduce you to a friend.

Originally, due to the history of the area, relatives believe that the disappearance is related to trafficking in human beings. However, after confirming the girl's death, the story turned.

They require justice

The excitement of the Paita that everyone has gone down the streets to ask police the case be investigated. The mother accuses David of being the chief suspect of the crime, since she is the last to see her alive.

Under pressure from the protesters, Major Percy Campos, from the police station Paita, informs that David will be investigated and questioned, who will give his statements to the agents of DIVINCRI Piura.

It is worth mentioning that the body of Gelen has been found in a state of degradation and with signs of an offense, according to local media. Investigations are still being developed to determine the exact cause of the child's death.

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