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Political Reform: Full Congress Approves First Opinion politics

Full Congress of the Republic Approved – first vote – first opinion on the six proposals for political reform raised by the executive and questioned by trust.

During Thursday's session, the National Representation discussed the opinion – approved on June 25 by the committee – on registration, membership, party committees, suspension, revocation, integration and resignation of political organizations, following Executive and other bills proposed by various banks.

This Opinion amends the Political Organization Act (PPL). Fuerza Popular, head of the Constitutional Commission, stressed in her statement that "the proposal of the executive, and partly of other authors, was adopted to abolish the signing of followers as a requirement for registration of a political organization. will be with the representation of a number of affiliates. "This equates to 0.1% of the citizens of the approved electoral roll for the last national election process.

He also stressed that the commission has added a new figure referring to the suspension of the registration of a political organization. The original project provided only two extremes, registration and cancellation. The Commission, after the debate, considered it appropriate to include the suspension, "he said.

After the debate, Bartra requested that the opinion be voted on. Finally, there are 74 votes in favor, 9 against and 8 abstentions.

So far, the Constitutional Commission has approved three of the six executive projects.

What was approved by the plenary session:

What is proposed by the executive:

– Another opinion was discussed –
The constitutional reform on obstacles to candidates for elected positions is also under discussion. The Constitutional Commission approved the relevant opinion on 11 June.

It is in support of the rule issued on the basis of a draft of the executive and the other Bank of Peru by Kambio that Bartra said that the commission's proposal was "comprehensive and effective" and prevented the penetration of people related to acts of corruption, terrorism, rape and other crimes in the state administration.

The opinion approved by the Committee includes Article 34-A in Magna Carta and amends Article 39 thereof.

However, the full vote on this other opinion remains to be expected. Congressional President Daniel Salaveri postponed the vote as there were 89 Congressmen at that time, and 87 constitutional reforms were needed. The legislator said he expects a greater number of colleagues to secure the approval of the initiative.

Opinion on internal democracy in political organizations has already been approved in the committee.

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