Sunday , May 9 2021

Real Madrid: Neymar and Florentino Perez's loan to fulfill Brazilian dream | Santander League | Spain Spain

Real Madrid does not plan to lose Barcelona, Barca's team took the lead last Tuesday in the fight to take over Neymar after meeting with the directors of PSG in Paris to ask about the position of the player. They have already announced that the only way out is to pay it so that whites do not lose hope.

As reported Sports newspaper, Florentino Perez will make one last attempt. He plans to pay for Neymar. To reach the considerable sum requested by the bleu table, he went to a Spanish financial institution to borrow. With this money you can go against the negotiations.

The President of Real Madrid It is clear that only exits will not reach. For now Zidane He released Marcos Llorente and Danny Chebalos as the most important ones, but that is not enough, so going to a bank for support is essential.

The other support goes through the decision of Neymar, Pini Save, the player agent responsible for opening the doors to PSGHe already spoke with Perez and told him that the Brazilian did not refuse to go to the Santiago Bernabé.

The first option for it will always be Fast, though if they are not ready to pay what they require from France, they will have to make themselves available and think they will wear white for a good time.

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