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Reduced format power for 549 euros in Movistar

Samsung Galaxy S10e has a more compact size, only 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm, 7.7 mm shorter than the Galaxy S10 and 0.5 mm narrower. In addition, it is 7 grams lighter, although there is an eighty-chip Exynos 9820 and 6GB of RAM. That is, it is just as powerful, even if it is smaller.

Galaxy S10e: Full power of Samsung Galaxy S10 in compact format

The Samsung Galaxy S10e screen is 5.8 inches –such as iPhone X or iPhone XS- and a 2.280 x 1.080 pixel resolution with HDR10 + support and protection for Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Also, there is no Android 9 Pie, 128 GB internal memory and micro SD slot.or DualSIM-, waterproof to IP68, NFC certification and everything that makes the Samsung Galaxy S10 reference in the current smartphone market.

A more compact size, but with all the power of the premium terminal, which is the Samsung Galaxy S10e, at a price that is also significantly cheaper, especially if you buy it in Movistar, which has the best bid on the market. You can purchase at a special discount of 210 euros for new customers, leaving only 549 euros for the new Samsung Galaxy S10e.O or 759 euros if we are not customers in any case with VAT included and free to use with each SIM card.

In addition to this discount of 210 euros per buy it in Movistar, There are other benefits offered by the operator's store. We have this and any other terminal in the market that we can acquire>without a commitment to perseveranceand completely free. And we have financing 12, 24, 30 or 36 months to get our home phone within 48 hours free of charge or go for it at any Movistar store. They buy our old device.

Is it really as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Yes, because there is same processor Exynos 9820 with eight cores, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. The differences are reduced to a more compact size and a lower-resolution display as well as a simpler camera. On the other hand, we have 2D face unlocking and fingerprint recognition, but instead of being integrated into the screen, it is on the physical button on the right frame.

The only other difference is on the screen, which instead of curved, is flat. And that's until Samsung meets the demand for a a high-end mobile phone more compact, they have also been paying attention to users who have requested a terminal of these features without a curved screen at the side edges.

If the Samsung Galaxy S10e for 549 euros is not what you want, remember that you have both the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 + with larger sizes as well as any other model that you can also buy in the store Movistar via the internet and you also have access via their physical stores.

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