Sunday , June 13 2021

Sheila Rohas tells everything and leaves Antonio Pavon ill with strong revelations!

Nothing was saved. Sheila Rohas uses her social networks to respond to criticism, and through her account at Instagram responded to the doubts of some of her followers who questioned her that she had forbidden Antonio Pavon to see her son.

According to Sheila Rohas, Antonio Pavon knew he was in Asia with his son when he went to look for her in his apartment with cameras. He also noted that he had received intense insults and attacks from his former partner and accused the bullfighter of wanting to "show."

"I have never forbidden him, and that is what his friends know who have spoken to me and know the truth. I love my son and I would never do it because I love to see him happy and if I do not take tests or things that are because I do not want to do bigger things, "said Sheila Rohas at Instagram.


Travel to Philadelphia

On the other hand, he contradicts the statements made by Antonio Pavon, who claims to have borne the cost of his son in Philadelphia. "Who paid the tickets and the cost in Philadelphia was me. He had lost his job and I decided to support him and buy him a ticket to Philadelphia. If he sells everything, it's because he has a job contract there, that's what he told me, "he added.



Sheila Rohas also pointed out that she is the one who pays the cost of her son and therefore sometimes needs to work more than necessary. – Nobody gives me the sun and my child's costs are strong. Thank God I never needed someone to support me, "he said.


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