Thursday , June 17 2021

The answer to the courtroom that split Judge Richard Concepcion Carhanchoc will be on Monday

This Monday will see the challenge facing the Second Chamber of Appeals judges, who cancel the judge Richard Concepcion Carhancho of the preparatory investigation against the leader of the. t Popular Forces (FP), Keiko Fujimori.

As recalled, the magistrates Octavio Sahuanay, Jessica León and Iván Quispe took Concepción Carhuancho after announcing that the challenge presented by former Minister Fujimori Jaime Yoshiyama for violating impartiality is justified.

Faced with this, Higher Attorney Raphael Vela puts an absolute nullity on the decision of Sahuanai's room and challenges him in order that it is another court that decides this incident.

Therefore, the First National Appellate Chamber, which took over the jurisdiction of the Sala Sahuanay Appeal scheduled for Monday, January 28 at 9:00 am, hearing the accusations.

The first Criminal Appeal Chamber is chaired by Judge Romulo Carkausto, Sonia Torre and Edita Condori.

– Just answer in writing

Prosecution dismissed the removal of the magistrate Concepción Carhuancho, because he felt he had not been given the opportunity to take part in the challenge posed by Josiah. They claim to defend the fact that the money laundering investigation has been pursued Keiko Fujimori rely on the natural judge assigned to you.

The judges who withdrew from the verdict, through their respective writings, also observed the presentation of their defense before the First National Appellate Chamber.

The Supreme Judge Octavio Sahuanay Kallin He argues that the Prosecutor's Office is trying to reverse a decision that, according to the rules established by Congress, is "incontrovertible" and that it is "a return to the law."

"This request is reckless because it neglects the legal figure when the procedural rule states that it can not be appealed and has allowed a complaint to be filed for the same purpose," he said.

He added that the prosecutor's office is trying to create its own standard and "intends to discuss what is legally impossible".

Judge Ivan Kusp, on his part, argues that the challenge is the result of a disagreement between the Ministry of Public Administration and the decision of his court. The request, he says, is inconsistent with the norm to call a public hearing for the challenge, and insisted that the prosecution knew about the warrant against Concepción Carhuancho,

Meanwhile, Judge Jessica Leon Iarango has also rejected the tax base, which suggests a bias towards the right to equality, in order to refute the recovery against Concepción Carhuancho, as they have never been prevented from accessing the incident.

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