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The cases of children with a convulsive cough in Cordoba tripled

Given the approach of the winter and the increase in the incidence of patients with respiratory disease, there is a report that shows how many times the incidence of pertussis, cough cough or convulsion in Cordoba is threefold.,

The information broadcast by Provincial Ministry of Health dictates that the increase is 255% compared to the previous year. According to the Health Portfolio, 71 Cordobans are already affected by this disease; when only 20 cases were registered for those dates in 2018.

In this context, they stated that children under 6 months were still the main affected group, representing 65% of the total. Followed by children aged 19 to 6 (21%), children from 7 to 18 months (9%); and, lastly, 5% for the rest of the cases convulsive cough in Cordoba,

According to Anna Maria Kudola, a secretary for prevention and health promotion, this increase is subject to two factors: the characteristics of the bacteria and the limited range of the triple-cell bacterial vaccine in pregnant women.

"There are specific problems for micro-organisms that cause an increase in incidence every four years. But if the population is properly vaccinated, these increases should not happen, "he explained.

It is worth mentioning that donkey cough or donkey cough are highly contagious respiratory diseaseTransmitted by bacteria Bordetella pertussis.

convulsive cough in Cordoba

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The key is in the vaccine

According to the official increase of the cases convulsive cough in Cordoba It can be prevented by vaccination. "This process begins two months and then reinforcements must be implemented," said the specialist.

For local authorities It is very important for pregnant women to receive triple lung bacteria and anti-fluBecause it gives immunity to newborns.

"Through the vaccine, the mother produces antibodies that pass through the baby through the placenta. Only after 6 months babies have immunity because they receive the three doses of the calendar. This was explained by Sandra Belfiore, responsible for the immunization of the Provincial Ministry of Health.

convulsive cough in Cordoba

On the other hand, Luis Ahumadas, head of neonatology at Misericordia Hospital and Allende Sero Sanatorium; He commented on it The coverage of vaccination in adults and adolescents is usually incomplete,

Parents usually infect their babies as well as young people with their siblings. While the large, convulsive cough passes like a slight picture; in infants it may require hospitalization or even death. "

Convulsion cough there is a high mortality ratebetween 10% and 15% of patients die, mainly due to pneumonia.

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