Tuesday , August 3 2021

The elected Governor of Lambayeque called on unions to work in this area of ​​the Community

Governor-elect Lambayeque, Anselmo Lozano Centurión From Lima, he stressed that he had held a permanent meeting, to achieve that many projects for our region were carried out through International Cooperation.

For this reason, it has coordinated relations with top executives of the World Bank and other financial entities to obtain funding for the implementation of health, education and other projects.

He noted that in line with this management, he had met with the Director Authority for Reconstruction with Change, Edgar Quispe to get a budget for repairing water networks, sewerage, trails and footpaths from all districts in the region.

"I have stated my commitment that for the past 4 years I will be responsible for directing Lambayeque's objectives, all districts, including rural areas, must have their water and basic waste services, they also have the right to quality of life", the regional authority said .

Lozano Centurión has delivered a message of conciliation to regional authorities in the office, "because we must not be in dimensions and dropswhat is needed is unity to make the central government provide a budget for us to carry out the unfinished work that Lambayeque still has. We must end this type of dialogue, thinking authority is needed to achieve the goal of ending poverty, planning and implementing health, education and symbol projects requested by our region. "

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