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The future of Kubo is "resolved" with its new record

Many have doubts about whether Takefusa Kubo will play in the first team or at The factory, Came the young Japanese player Montreal p Real Madrid, demonstrating their skills in each of the exercises, trying to surprise them Zidane, The French coach has no easy task to choose his future, but with the new cap on his chip, he seems to have decided where he will play.

According to some media reports, Takefusa Kubo (18 years old) was recorded in youth on Real MadridThe plan that is maintained with the player is that he plays in his first season as Madrida Castile, in the hands of Raul GonzalezIn order to avoid the risks, the white club decided Cuba First you need integration with the football elite and then go to the first team if needed.

This does not mean that the Japanese have not given enough (as they have been able to observe the details of the first level training). Zidane he prefers to pull the car first with players who have already experienced more complicated experiences. So that Cuba you can enjoy the Real Madrid the first team should open a seat in the quota of non-Community members worthy of Article 230.

Cuba, the "risk" is more like Vinicius

Vinicius debuts with the team 's first team Real Madrid commander Solaris, just when he realized that this player had more than enough level. And it seems the Argentine is not wrong at all, the young Brazilian with only 18 years of age was the leader of Real Madrid in the last season since the beginning of January. Zidane can act identically with Cuba in the middle of the campaign and the Japanese will take advantage of this moment to build an important gap as it already did Vinicius,

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