Sunday , June 13 2021

The richest man in the world is divorcing: what can be done with the money of dividing them? | Jeff Bezos | Amazon Trade We are stories

The richest man in the world, owner of, and his wife are on their way to one of the most famous and expensive divorces in history. Who is Jeff Bezos? Who is Mackenzie Tatal? How was the empire formed that the judges would separate?

Bezos he would have to give his wife Mackenzie an estimated $ 68,500 million (or S / 230,160 million), equivalent to 50% of his current state. According to Daniel Macera, an economic journalist at El Comercio, you can:

1 BE GOD AND THE LORD OF THE PERFECT FOOTBALL. The amount will be used to buy all teams of the first Peruvian Football Division 658 times (based on prices and equipment from 2018).

2 Be the owner of an island. Reach (and save) to buy an island. According to the portal prices for private islands online, if you are looking for luxury, you can choose Cave Cay, an 898402m2 island located in the Bahamas. There were more than $ 8,500 million left.

3 The largest fleet of luxury cars. You can buy 5.269 Rolls-Royce Sweptails since 2017, the most expensive commercial car in the world today.

4 THE BREAK IS THE BORDER. With the money, the Buckingham Palace can be acquired 144 times, the White House 172 times, or it can travel to the moon 1,181 times, according to NASA prices.

5 LA CIFRA REMAINS total S / 61,700 million. From Peru's total national budget for 2019, which in itself is the highest amount in our Republican history.

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