Tuesday , November 24 2020

They Announce a Los Angeles Morbid Outbreak Having Confirmed Five Cases In The County Your Univision City 34 Los Angeles

Health authorities in Los Angeles have confirmed five cases measles among locals.

Four cases are linked to each other through international trips and an additional individual case involving international travel, the Angels County Department of Public Health said.

The news comes after four murders were reported to have traveled through the county last week.

According to health authorities, most victims have not been vaccinated. "Perhaps we will see additional cases of measles in Los Angeles, so it is important that if you or someone you know has measles symptoms or been exposed to measles, you should contact your health care provider before calling seek treatment. "

According to Muntus Davis, Los Angeles County Health Director, "The best way to protect yourself and prevent the spread of measles is to vaccinate measles, with a two-dose vaccine achieving 97% prevention."

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