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This year's artist: Michelle Soifer decided to continue the program without Kevin Blow [VIDEO]

November 18, 2018 7:15 a.m.

With you or without you. Last Saturday saw the seventh gala at & # 39; this year's Artist: the perfect duo & # 39; and Michelle Soifer with the "inseparable" duo of Kevin Blow knocked out by a public vote. However, the jury decided to give the opportunity to & # 39;Michi& # 39; Provided that you agree to continue on reality without his girlfriend

For this gala they arrived at the prison Michelle Soifer and Kevin Blow in front of Daniela Darcourt and Pedro Loli, where the public decides which partners they want to continue at The Artist of the Year. The majority election was for Darcourt and Loli, giving Soifer and Blow eliminated.

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The host of this program, Gisela Valcárcel must give public results and jury (he takes the floor Morella Petrozzi) indicates that they will sacrifice one of their wild cards that they must save Michelle Soifer, although the decision for the soldier will not be easy because he must continue without his girlfriend Kevin Blow.

The decision is Soifer He had a lot of influence on his mother, who was present at the program and told him, and his colleagues Kevin Blow, to continue the program only.

"For me there will be no better duo than this (with Kevin Blow) This is my partner, my life, it is my day for the day and it will be the rest of my life, God willing. But at this time I will decide to stay, not only for you (Punch) or for me, but for the public, "he said in almost tears Micheille Soifer.

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Between the following days a new partner Micheille Soifer who agreed to continue This year's artist without Kevin Blow. Also, after the program, in the early hours of this week, Michi dedicated an emotional message to her partner, who only continued to encourage the fighters.

"You and you will be my perfect duo … I don't know if I will continue without you," he wrote Micheille Soifer in your account Instagram with a picture accompanied by a colleague Kevin Blow.

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