Sunday , August 1 2021

Tula Rodríguez was surprised by a photo that was not published when she was a girl Instagram

Tula Rodríguez surprise all of his followers Instagram by distributing unpublished photos when I was a child. The television host wrote an emotional message about childhood.

"Childhood shows you that you don't need great things to enjoy and be happy! I remember going up the stairs and from my roof to see a garden full of eucalyptus trees, whistling my friends to ring the bell, fly out, open my door and shout: Can I get out? Hahahaha. "

He wrote Tula Rodríguez in childhood pictures that have never been seen before and that already have more than 10 thousand likes and comments from followers, who also share their childhood memories.

Some users also pointed out that Tula Rodríguez He still retains his face as a girl. "You haven't changed, same face"wrote one of his followers.


A few days ago, Tula Rodríguez He also uses his Instagram account to respond to Javier Carmona's husband's health status leak on social networks.

"Almost three months ago my family and I came up with an absolute reserve for the health of my husband, because we try to maintain the heart and emotional stability of our little Valentina, who at the age of 9 lives in a difficult stage in her life"he wrote.

As you remember, Javier Carmona He suffered a heart attack last August and his health is handled strictly by his family.

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