Thursday , September 23 2021

Via Facebook: an elderly woman who took a taxi in Cusco told details about her beloved pet | Face | Fb | Viral | Animals | Peru | Social Network | Uber | Video | Trend

He became famous. A big surprise generated on Facebook video a flame which was recorded by taking a taxi in Cusco. Recently, the owner was interviewed and gave some details about his pet which caused a sensation on social networks.

The video was recorded by tourists who did not leave their surprise to see how flame I go to a taxi red without problems, and it seems most comfortable, this produces thousands of views on Facebook.

In an interview for the Correo newspaper, the old woman and the flame that has a name & # 39; Pablo Picasso & # 39;, they told the details of his life, work and pets that were not published.

Josefina Quispe 78 years of life at APV Picchu Alto, he said for Correo, who works every day taking pictures with tourists and locals in the Inca city.

Along with their flame, that's the sensation on Facebook, they move in taxi to get to downtown Cusco, besides giving water and alfalfa, so & # 39; Pablo Picasso & # 39; shut up

However, Josefina he dared to reveal the reason for his strange name flameHe showed that his grandson was responsible and that at first he did not know what the artist meant or represented.

It should be noted that Pablo Picasso considered one of the greatest painters and sculptors of all time, recognized for his work as "el Guernica", "three musicians", "Dora Mar retraro", among others.

However, behind popularity Josefina Quispe and it flame & # 39; Pablo Picasso & # 39; There is a touching story, as revealed in an interview with Correo that the reason he went to work was to buy a few drops recommended by doctors after undergoing eye surgery.

Now with the fame of their videos shared on Facebook, thousands of tourists line up to take pictures with him and with his curious llama arriving in Cusco.

If you miss it, here we share the video that caused a stir on Facebook a few days ago and made thousands of people dumbfounded throughout the world.

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