Sunday , May 9 2021

We got married! Christian Zouares, a former partner of Laura Bozo, marries Adriana Amiel

after Laura Bozo will refuse to marry the Argentine many times Christian Zuares, with whom he maintained a 17-year relationship and that she later accused him of being unfaithful to the businesswoman Adriana Amiel as of 2015, they have already been married.

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As you may recall, the Argentine asked his current partner in a reality show in Mexico:inseparable, where he said he was there to get to know his partner more. Although few believe in this commitment, the couple confirmed that they were already married and left everyone in shock.

"The best thing about this program is that I had the opportunity to get to know Adriana more and make the important decision to get married and I have to tell you that we are already married!– he said Christian Zuares, shows happy i'm with Adriana Amiel,

This caused great turmoil among his colleagues in the show who told him why they were in a hurry Christian Zuares he jokes to say, "Ior what happens is that we think there was a lot to invite and we better say "we're getting married now in what they leave"".

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