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Why Huawei requested registration of its HongMeng operating system in Peru? | Economy Peru

Huawei started the procedures at. t unsubscribe to register the mark HongMeng, its own Android-compatible operating system in Peru. The request is given after United States approved to ban US companies from doing business with the Chinese multinational organization, a measure whose validity is postponed until the first half of August.

Huawei filed the application for registration of the mark HongMeng Also known as Arco– before the Directorate for Distinguishing Signs of the. t unsubscribe in the afternoon of May 27th.

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"On May 27 last, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. filed an application with the INDECOPI Directorate of Trade Marks to register the trade mark HongMeng to distinguish between several other products and services, software (class 9) and design and development of computer equipment and software (class 42), "Indecopi said by email.

"The file you requested was 799128-2019," he added.

Indocopi explained this Huawei You need to attach other documents as part of the record without specifying what they are. For this purpose, the Chinese multinational organization has up to 9 months, which does not prevent it from meeting the requirements before this deadline.

"When this happens, the whole document will be published in the Industrial Property Electronic Gazette unsubscribe"said the regulator."

Huawei Consumer Division Chief Executive Officer Richard Yu has previously said that the Chinese company has an operating system as a backup if US-based software runs out. "We have set up our own operating system if it happens so we can no longer use these systems [Android y Windows], we will be ready. This is our plan B, "said the executive director of the German newspaper Welt.

for Carlos Humman, director of DN Consultores, application for registration of HongMeng reflects this Huawei takes steps to tackle possible US sanctions, the same ones that may affect its current business model.

"The operating system is not something like that Huawei This is part of the evolution of the business model of the company because it knows that it is competing in a market where everything changes very quickly. And the geopolitical situation [entre Estados Unidos y China] it only triggers the whole process, "said Humman.

This newspaper tried to understand the position of Huawei with executives of the Chinese company in Peru, but they avoided ruling on this issue.

It is estimated that there are around 5.5 million Huawei mobile phones in the country.

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