Sunday , May 9 2021

Yosimar Makes Radical Decision With Underage Dancer After Scandal With Her Wife | shows

Yosimar Fidel continues in the eyes of the storm. The salsa artist made a radical decision with the minor dancer of his music band, with whom he was romantically involved. This month after he divorced his wife Gianella Ydoña,

The salsa singer was spotted in the middle of a concert at the company of another dancer who made statements about her ex-partner.

You can see Yosimar's ex-partner recalled that the singer abused her when she was pregnant

It is worth mentioning that the 17-year-old dancer was recorded by logging into Yosimar's house with a key and also via Instagram, the insignificant widespread images of Salsero's bedroom.

Gianella Ydoña She recognized the place she shared with her husband, but who, according to her version, had to leave with her son at his behest.

Yosimar's dancer would not attend the concerts. This was evidenced in the show, which took place in Trujillo, Gabriela Moura, who was an associate of the minor, revealed details.

According to Moura, the original dancer A. Z. no longer travels with "Yosimar and his Yambu"I don't think anything, I didn't, I calmly do my job, I don't know anything about the topic, I don't comment on the topic. Yes, of course (he knows her), she was my colleague," she said.

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