Sunday , August 1 2021

YouTube viral: they want & # 39; troll & # 39; young people but their reaction surprised everyone | YT | Yutub | joke | failed | youtubers | social network | Mexico | I'm Javier Eduardo | Trend

One platform that is liked by users to share and search for videos about jokes, without doubt, is YouTube. Especially YouTube, who made this type of virus, in looking for views and customers, that's why one of them wants to make a joke, without imagining that it would be wrong.

This time, a great video from YouTube it has become viral not only because of the unusual jokes he made & # 39;influencer& # 39; in the virtual room; but also to reveal the true orientation of a young man trying to play a cruel joke where he must kiss a man who is a woman. The results of this joke have released all types of comments on the web platform.

As revealed by this unusual video shared on YouTube, a woman decided to launch an "innocent" joke to a group of young people walking on public roads. The joke he made was that they had to kiss a young woman on the lips.

However, what they did not know was that this young girl was truly a man disguised as a woman, who lent herself to this joke to produce more customers on the channel. YouTube called "I am Javier Eduardo."

As we can see in the viral video on YouTube, which already has more than 43,000 reproductions on the web portal, the young girl approached several boys and proposed a "challenge" that they happily passed without imagining that it was a boy named Carlos Daniel.

As expected and as seen in the video YouTubeThe reaction of some young people to find that they really kiss a man disguised as a woman is not the best place because they have been tricked into doing something they don't want.

But what caught the attention of YouTube was the reaction of a young man whose reaction to trying to "overcome" this viral challenge made thousands of people speechless as he expressed his true orientation.

What happened? Well, as revealed to us in this new virus YouTube, at the time when & # 39 young girl & # 39; came to kiss him, the boy managed to withdraw and was not kissed by the woman who was supposed to be in front of him.

Although this reaction surprised more than one on YouTube, several other users decided to support it and congratulated him for not allowing him to be forcibly kissed, especially with a stranger he had just met a few moments ago on the road.

This video is commented on and has been viral YouTube where he was considered an example to follow, because the young man remained firm in his beliefs and showed his true orientation which, although different from others, was also worthy of respect.

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