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A 10-year-old boy dies of an asthmatic attack caused by a common cold


When 10-year-old Lewis returned from school with a makeover – no one realized the danger he was already in.

Although he was diagnosed with asthma only at 18 months, Lewis did not have a specific plan for treating his condition.

Instead, the 10-year-old boy simply told his parents Barry and Tracy when he was short of air.

The UK boy will be admitted to hospital after short-term treatment before being sent home, Somerset Live Reported.

"Parents have to be careful. Louis always talked to us, but as he got older, he stopped because he didn't want to go to the hospital," Barry and Tracy said outside their son's 2015 death investigation.

"Watch out for their breathing.

"He was a happy boy – everyone said he was always smiling.

"He loved his sport, he loved football, he loved Chelsea FC. He has many friends at school."

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"He was a happy boy – everyone said he was always smiling." Source: Somerset Live

"Louis's condition is only getting worse"

In the back, it is heartbreaking for Barry and Tracy that no one has done anything to help them cope with the main symptoms of Louis' illness.

When Louis developed a serious viral infection in April 2015, his father Barry brought him back to the Minehead Hospital.

Despite the help of the doctors there, Louis's condition only got worse – he was breathing fast with an extremely high pulse.

Simon Gus, an emergency physician at Minehead Community Hospital, told the inquiry he had seen Louis at the hospital shortly after arriving at 10pm.

"I got the initial story from Louis and he could clearly describe the events leading up to it," he enters.

"Louis had described how he had been getting more and more breathless in the last 24 hours."

Doctors couldn't find the life-saving medicine

He decided to transfer Louis to the larger hospital at Musgrove Park in Taunton, but was told there would be a 30 to 40 minute wait for an ambulance.

The ambulance was called by 10.37 am and arrives at 11.31 am

While waiting, the doctor tried to give Louis IV with hydrocortisone, a steroid used to treat asthma attacks.

"I couldn't find the cure anywhere in the ICU where I was with the patient," he said.

"I asked for an ambulance to find the medicine from an assistant working with me.

"She also couldn't find the medicine in the emergency room. She went to look for the medicine elsewhere in the ward while I was caring for the patient.

"He was found in an office in a safe place outside the intensive care unit, although after IV access became unsupported after what appeared to be a seizure." "src =" "/></div>
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Australia's east coast is swamped with mold, with experts receiving a large number of calls. Mold can cause skin irritation, asthma and even fatal lung conditions.

Louis would still die

The doctor failed to reattach the drip, which meant that Lewis could not get the vital steroid.

Louis died at 1.30 pm After a seizure sent him into cardiac arrest.

Colin Holburn of Sandwell and the West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, who did an independent review of Lewis' care, believes there are other issues that still need to be addressed.

He asked why Louis had never received hydrocortisone and why the ambulance was called so late.

The coroner decided that the ambulance should have been called sooner – but concluded that Louis would still die, given how quickly he had deteriorated.

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