Tuesday , June 15 2021

Creator of "Chamber Death" Hideo Kodima goes "crazy" over Mads Mikkelsen in the "Polar"

polar is a recent adaptation from Netflix, adapting comic action series noir from Dark Horse under the same name. The new movie stars various talented actors, including Mads Mikkelsen. Not only does it look quite similar to that of Hideo Kojima Metal gear series, but Mikkelsen's close relationship with the developer itself looks like Death the creator could not sing enough of his friend's praise in the social media.

The inscription had a little crazy word:POLARI think the Mads scene, which the fan is waiting for, is soaked with Mads, bloody Mads, tightens Mads, tears the eyes Mads, smokes Mads, drinks Mads, wears glasses Medes, naked Mads, freezes, dancing Mads, Running Mads. DS has most of the Mads you want to see too. "

To say that Hideo Kodima is a supportive type would be madness.

(Well, I'm done, I promise.)

Mostly, polar actor and friend is also in the upcoming game of Hideo Kojima Death, in case you for any reason missed this in the sea of ​​messages, Obviously, we'll get even more Mads when the secret game releases that – honestly, we're here.

We do not have a release date yet Death, but you can catch up on what we are I do I know – and what are some of our speculations – with our Game Hub here.

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