Monday , June 14 2021

Fast playback error detected in Overwatch after patch August 13

Overwatch players have discovered an obvious mistake in Quick Play after the patch of August 13 that brought Sigma and Role Lock into the game.

The August 13 correction was absolutely massive and in addition to introducing Role Lock and Sigma, it also included updates for many Overwatch characters.

August 13th was also the start of the beta season of Role Lock, and although it looks like things are going well in Competitive Play, Quick Play does seem to have some problems.

Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma is now available in Overwatch on all platforms.

What is the problem?

A Reddit RetroBowser user called Fast-paced "scary god" in a subreddit game after the August 13 patch of Overwatch.

"So it's Role Lock Quick Play right now, but without the role queue," explained RetroBowser. "The importance of all roles is available, but once 2 people choose a role in the fast-paced selection, it becomes locked to everyone else in the team."

Blizzard Entertainment

The Quick Play Role Lock does not seem to work as intended.

Dexerto has tested RetroBowser's request on Overwatch and can confirm that Quick Play works as described.

Based on how Role Lock has performed on PTR so far, it's safe to say that this is definitely not what Blizzard plans with the new system.

It is supposed that Role Lock allows players to choose damage, tank or support before they enter the queue, so it looks like Quick Play has a Role Lock without a Role Queue.

In addition, Role Lock didn't even have to come out for Quick Play today, it only had to be for the competitive beta season – with the system due to come to QP and Competitive Season 18 on September 1st.

Blizzard themselves responded shortly after the issue was released to Overwatch's official forums and said they were currently working on a fix.

What else is in the August 13 patch?

Aside from the fast-paced issues, things seem to be going smoothly for the beta season of the Role Lock Competitive – where Overwatch Sigma's newest character is available, despite earlier reports that he won't be.

But with the quick-play bug, players who want to try Sigma in a more casual environment than Competitive can be faster, which is usually the case with any new character.

Blizzard Entertainment

The dream of role-locking seems to have become a nightmare for players in Quick Play.

Having an annoying Quick Play bug is probably not the worst thing that could happen with such a massive patch, but we hope Blizzard can find a fix as soon as possible.

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