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Former Questlink employee "cheat" is denied

MANILA – A former Questlink Digital Marketing Services official is currently in police custody after surrendering last Thursday.

Employee Christian Estabes works as a Questlink coordinator.

The Tugu police said they would name the Wings as the chief plaintiff and witness to the state of the estafa accusations that will be brought against the CEO and the operations manager, both of whom are still at large.

Based on a police investigation, Questlink officials were out of range after claiming that they had taken P200 million from investors.

He also confirmed that he also called on Questlink CEO and Operations Manager to take out an investment from P6.4 million investors.

He added that he went to the police because he was afraid that the investors would go to him and ask for their money back.

The Tagus police said Questlink does not have an office in Tagu City and only deals with hotel rooms.

They promised to give 500% of the money invested after 15 days.

The police also encourages other investment scheme victims to report or complain to their office.– report by Bonna Pamplona, ​​ABS-CBN News

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