Friday , July 30 2021

Gully Boy song Mere Gully Mein: Divine and Naezy track is a fresh sound for Hindi music

the song of the gully
Gully Boy song Mere Gully Mein: The second song of this starter of Ranveer Singh is gone.

Starve Ginly Boy's last song, "Mere Gully Mein," is out. Composed by Divine, Naezy & Sez, this hip-hop number, like the first song on the album "Apna Time Aayega," presents hip hop for Bollywood fans.

Approximately based on the life of Deity and Nayze, the film is the story of rappers from the streets of Mumbai.

Watch the song Gully Boy Mere Gully Mein here:

Mere Gully Mein's video looks like the first time Ranveer Singh's staff recorded a music video in the movie. Like the underground hip-hop scene, here too, we see rap performers taking pictures in their neighborhood and making the most of their resources.

The song, with texts by Divine & Naezy, is performed by Ranveer Singh, Divine & Naezy.

Zoya Akhtar, director Gully Boy, starring Alia Bhat, Kalki Kochlin and Vijay Raaz, among others, goes on February 14th.

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