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Provincial repression of crime, party ax for drilling a waiter


LEGAZPI CITY – The party list party may be charged with criminal and administrative charges for hitting a waiter in the face of a local restaurant here.

Alfred Delos Santos, who will take his place at the 18th Congress on July 22, may also be punished by his group, which has won a seat in the House of Representatives, gaining the title of extremely popular television. series.

"We will definitely not tolerate any abuses in our party. We will not hesitate to stop or even abolish Congressman Delos Santos if we find that this is an unprovoked attack, "spokeswoman Djoko Sabio said in a statement Thursday.

Delos Santos would not have ejaculated his country Thursday night despite sending a message to the media that he would issue a statement and excuse to the 20-year-old waiter identified as Christian Kent Alejo.

Videos with video surveillance

A security camera caught the legislator who hit Alice in the head of Biggs Diner on Rizal Street in the central business district of this city five days ago.

Alecho will charge him with Delos Santos for striking "for no apparent reason" during his shift around 3:40 pm On July 7th.

After the video became viral in social media, Delos Santos was blessed by the net of his personal Facebook account, which he deactivated on Thursday.

The picture shows that Delos Santos stands up and strikes Alecho with his left hand. The congressman was with three men-companions.

It was unclear what provoked the congressman to hit the waiter.

Bartholomew Reiko, Aleco's attorney, said his client and family were determined to bring a lawsuit against him. Before Thursday, rumors spread that Alecho was told not to file charges against Delos Santos.

"They are firm in their decision and will not commit to any" bail "(friendly settlement)," Reiko said on Thursday.

He stated that his client would bring a criminal case for "or mild personal injury and ill-treatment or defamation of a case"

"[With the] administrative [case](we will) or a serious or simple violation of the rules, and we will file a lawsuit before the Congressional Ethics Committee, "Reiko said.

The waiter refused to give an interview, but confirmed that he would sue the congressman.

Ang Probinsiano said he was conducting an "impartial" investigation into the incident.

His spokesman, Sabio, said he would "not tolerate any abuse of power even among his candidates."


"Like everyone else, the party is concerned and really disappointed with what happened. We do not do this session and take all necessary steps to ensure that this will not happen again in the future, "he said.

He urged the public not to sue the entire party party group based on Delos Santos's behavior.

"His actions and his decisions are his and should not affect Ang Probingiano as a party and organization," Sabio said. – REPORT BY MELVIN GASKON AND MAR ARGWELS

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