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Rank each legend in Apex Legends


Agree or disagree?

By Steven Rue and Miranda Sanchez

Apex Legends conquers the world at the moment and there are many discussions between newcomers and experts around the best legends they actually play. Stephen Ryu offers his best pictures Miranda Sanchez disagrees with. BITKA!

The bait master, Mirage, can send a bait every 14 seconds. Besides, when it is dropped, it becomes invisible and also creates a lure to itself. Its extraordinary ability makes it invisible while creating multiple copies of Mirage.


Stephen: Unfortunately, Mirage baits are stationary and do nothing for the team or the flow of battle. This is rather a jailbreak card for the Mirage player, which is great, but other legends can do this without sacrificing their ultimate game. While his clone is useful for luring enemies and overcoming opponents in certain situations, Mirage felt a disgruntled team composition.

Miranda: Okay, I know we were leading this article, saying I do not agree, but … I'm definitely not going to agree with you, saying that the Mirage's final and passive Mirage are not as helpful as I would like. I have definitely seen people find success with the Mirage – and all the heroes – but I have never seen them use their ultimate game. This is a problem. I would personally put the Mirage in 7th position. His lure is quite useful, and for that very reason (and his big voices) I would put him over the even more impressive Caustic. I think the issue we usually have with this list is that legends are generally well balanced and their success depends more on the individual style of play, although the bottom two can easily be changed.

Your favorite Pathfinder robot has a grapple that you can use to break around the map and get up quickly. You can even use it to pull enemies to you for a final shotgun. Pathfinder can hack some beacons around the map to give you and your team information about where the next round of safety will be, and its ultimate opportunity gives him the opportunity to create zipline, useful for crossing the map.


Stephen: Pathfinder's role and abilities fit into his Scout class, but in the rapidly developing Royale battle, Pathfinder's abilities are unobtrusive. He definitely has the most charm. If Apex was slower, Pathfinder would flourish, but with how much time you have between the rounds and the number of transport balloons and ziplines on the map, the teams could do better than the favorite robot in the team.

Miranda: Hello, Pathfinder here. Obviously, I doubt that the best boy is so low (how do you laugh), but I have to agree that Pathfinder is slow. In fact, some of them owe me $ 5 for how great Pathfinder is. I was able to use his last chance to catch up in an absurdly dangerous place, get the zipper and revive. I also used zipline to loot the disputed delivery drops, accompanying camping enemies and much more. The Pathfinder hook is especially useful for getting out of bad situations. I would argue that Pathfinder and other mobiles heroes in their set are some of the best to play when you pair with a random team. I know you play most often with people you know, but playing alone is a totally different game. The Pathfinder kit enables you to quickly get help or get out of a bad situation. Aside from the teammates, Pathfinder's "passive" (I do not think it is passive if you have to do something to take advantage of it) reveals the next location on the ring, which creates a great strategic advantage. I would put Pathfinder somewhere around position four or five.

The caustic is a sociopath and can place gas traps, which are great for rigging the premises and strengthening the suffocating places. Its greatest opportunity allows you to throw a gas grenade that covers a large area of ​​poison. And its passive capability allows you to see enemies in this cloud, allowing you to complete them as they slow down and disorientate.


Stephen: Caustic was a really difficult legend to qualify. In big battles, he does a great job, putting the whole enemy team at a disadvantage with a well-placed gas bomb. You can also play defensive and offensive with Caustic, which makes it a solid choice of Legend, but its gas causes the same low visibility for teammates during a battle. The caustic also becomes much less effective in wide open areas where you can avoid the boxes and the Nox bomb, which is why it landed at number 6.

Miranda: Honestly, I'd love to see Kaushik at position 7 or 8. Yes, his abilities are good in narrower spaces and this can be great if you're in some of the last rounds, but in general, that means your team goes to want to stay indoors to make better use of their kit. His Nox Gas Grenade feels like he has to do a little more damage too.

The fierce battle of Bangalore moves faster when it's under fire, making it harder to kill as long as it escapes or fights in combat. Its tactical ability allows her to shoot two smoke grenades and her final calls in an artillery strike that rolls on the map.


Stephen: Bangalore is a solid legend that feels true with what makes first-person shooters so good. Its smoke smoke, combined with the passive, allows safe escape for you and your teammates. Ultimate of thundering thunder also forces the enemies to move if they are placed properly, which can quickly turn the wave of battle. The downside of the end result, however, is that it is highly telegraved in advance, making it difficult for the enemy to strike with the strike. Overall, a solid legend to learn first if you are a new Apex legend player and think that her smoke-smoking ability is a great addition to the fight.

Miranda: As I wrote earlier, these average people are so hard to put in because everyone feels balanced enough to change, depending on whether you are coordinating with a team or playing with a random group. I personally would like to see Bangalore in a higher place and move a specific Legend to this place. Driving abilities feel too good in Apex Legends. Although Bangalore is perhaps one of the easiest and most accessible legends, I appreciate that her set still allows for creative strategies with her passive (and double smile!) In the right hands.

The passive Bloodhound allows you to take the enemy's hints as footprints and if they have done any damage. The tactical capability sends a pulse wave that briefly tells you and your teammates about enemies and traps if they are nearby. Ultimate Bloodhound highlights red enemies, makes their steps red and makes the player much faster.


Stephen: Bloodhound's passive ability and tactical capability give you information and team information that I think is vital in the battle. With the tips Bloodhound sees, your team can actively hunt or avoid enemy squads. The ultimate pairs of blood well handle other Legend capabilities, such as Gibraltar's air strike, Bangalore's smoke and caustic gas, which allows Bloodhound players to quickly get into battle, complete the killing, and return safely.

Miranda: I will also move Bloodhound to one and move Gibraltar down. I'm always happy to have Bloodhound in my team, and this is largely due to their unique ability to pass on so much useful information that you've already been affected. Bloodhound also has a rare extremity that is not widely visible to enemies once it is activated unless it looks directly at Bloodhound. But having a Bloodhound who uses this information does everything possible, and I am glad to see how much he is pairing with the Legends that offer control over an area.

Gibraltar is engaged in supporting the team with a bubble dome that can defend during a battle or during a robbery, but there are also offensive capabilities that work well with the course of the battle. His passive gives him a shield as he guides his looks gives his initial advantage in the fight with the gun. His final blow is a minometric blow that lasts a long time, destroying any enemy who remains in the area – unless they hide under cover, of course.


Stephen: In my opinion, the end of Gibraltar is a better version of Bangalore and with its protective dome and personal shield in the shootings, it is extremely difficult to remove a team with experienced Gibraltar.

Miranda: Push this person in order to be able to position five or six – sorry for the Gibraltar network. Gibraltar is great for those teams who like to be incredibly aggressive in more open areas, but otherwise his kit just screams "please, look at me and immediately destroy me." I think the visibility of his two shields is important for balance (make a big difference while other members go to the flank!) But he feels a little less impressive than Bloodhound and Bangalore. Also, as you have already said, Apex Legends is a fast-paced game. A highly visible, stationary shield that takes a few seconds to unfold, sometimes feels like a little resistance.

Wraith is a soldier who uses the emptiness for all three of his abilities. Its passive gives you extremely useful sound signals when the traps are near or if your enemies are targeting you. Its tactical makes you invisible for a short period of time, but you additionally become immune to all damage, including the incoming round. Its ultimate, dimensional rift allows Wraith to form two gates that either the ally or the enemy can use to teleport.


Stephen: Wraith's passive ability provides vital information similar to Bloodhound, but takes another step forward because you are notified when your enemies are watching. This information saved my team and I countless times and its tactical capability, allowing you to disappear from terrible situations, further contributes to her survival. Qualified players with Wraith will find that its ability can be offended as a flank to get your team out of danger. Also, allied detainees can take its portal so that they can resume from a safer zone. Her entire deep mechanics and the potential to outwit entire teams places Wraith in position 2.

Miranda: All I'm going to say here is that Wraith's passers can be a little foolish – we're definitely just shot to tell her something afterwards. Otherwise, I fully agree with the accommodation.

Passive capability of Lifeline gives her a shield as she revives allies. Medicinal products are also used 25% faster. In a game where the fight is as aggressive as it is in Apex Legends, faster healing, and shields, while the revival of the allies allows you to mitigate some of them disadvantages you would normally encounter while you are injured or overcome. Its tactical capability drops a dron that treats each of your team over time, allowing everyone to save the syringes and fight it while being cured. Its end result takes the longest time to load from all legends, but that's because it's a care package that falls with a high degree of rarity.


Stephen: I can not tell you how many times my team has been able to get the required sniper optics or Lifeline care packs. For quick advice, be sure to bring Lifeline to your team with Ultimate Accelerant products to be able to drop care packages as often as possible. The dropping of an ally care package that has just been recovered in the respiratory center is also extremely useful to help the loot. Unlike Overwatch, where help symbols make less damage or are more difficult to fight than their DPS counterparts, Lifeline has the same mortality as all other players. It does so much for the team while it is useful at all stages of the game, and therefore takes my place as the strongest Legend.

Miranda: All right, well, I know we said we'd fight, but I'll still agree with you. Your analysis is in place. The Lifeline is too good! It's so great to have a helping character that can make as many damage as their teammates with more aggressive abilities if the player is qualified enough to do so. Its ultimate goal is great for obvious reasons, and I appreciate the strategy needed to use her D.O.C. Heal Drone – in case someone did not know, enemies can also use it for treatment.

Stephen: The beauty of legend ranking is that no one can agree on a list, which means they are all very well balanced! Even now, my charts are constantly changing, but I like to hear other people's views on their favorite legends. Miranda definitely brought great points that definitely changed my mind about some Legends, so thank you!

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