Tuesday , June 15 2021

"SHIELD Agents" Star Chloe Bennet confirms that Coulson is really dead

The fifth season of Marvel SHIELD agents made many shocking changes to the Marvel Television series, and fans are eager to see what happens when they return to ABC later this year.

And just as the hero will return to the big screen in Captain Marvel, Agent Phil Coonson met his fate at the end of Season 5. And while some people await his return to SHIELD agentsIt looks like Coulson might actually be dead.

Daisy Johnson's actress Claude Bennett speaks with the television set on the set SHIELD agents, making it clear that Coulson's absence will resonate in new episodes.

"My head has a little more peace for her," Bennett said. "It is obvious that Coulson's mourning, but she has gone through all this and she is really stronger than she does not deal with the things she has in the past, she has fully accepted her trauma and is moving forward for first time.

Coulson managed to live his last days in Tahiti himself, repeating the mystery of his resurrection from the beginning of the series.

While Clark Greg is not included in the new season, he does not give up SHIELD agents completely. It has recently been revealed that the actor will be back behind the camera to head a premier episode of Season 6.

Some of Coleson's circumstances may have come from the fact that exhibitors Maurice Tancharoen and Jed Weden have no idea whether the show will go on when they figure out the hero's death in the final of the season.

"We will never put an end to something without the potential for more history," Tancharoen said earlier. "So we ended each season because when we get to the end of all the seasons passed we go into this mostly not knowing until the last minute so basically we do the same thing to close Season 5. It can fit well as the final series and can fit well only as the end of another season. "

Weden added: "You always want to leave the idea that there are more stories, the question is whether we will tell them or not, we end and we will stick to it independently and we think it will work or way."

There is still no word about the exact date SHIELD agents will return for his sixth season but must be on ABC later this summer.

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