Thursday , January 21 2021

[Sundance Review] Dan Gilroy goes full of horror with Velvet Buzzsaw!

When Dan Gilroy& # 39; s Night shadow Hit screens, it generates a lot of discussion about whether it is a genre movie, but this question is completely answered for us with its latest. Velvet Buzzsaw is happening in the world of fine art trade, a black comedic look at the sort of ridiculous people who say things like, "I respect the power of your point of view," but the film soon emerges nearby . t and unscrupulous deals with insane murders and even supernatural horror.

We presented at Art Basel in Miami with a hoax ensemble: JosephinaZay Ashton) is a potential art agent working under the so-called RodoraRene Rousso). Male or female (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a powerful critic, John Donon (Tom Buffettis the protector of Rodora, who becomes a rival, and Gretchen (Tony Colelet) is an artistic adviser to a wealthy client. They are all equally horrible in their own way and gather together when an elderly man dies in Josephine's building and discovers hundreds of hundreds of amazing paintings he wanted to destroy after his death. Instead, Josephine and Rodora began to sell their work with immense recognition and profit, with Morph, Gretchen and six other people who are building their careers by being close to the stunning work of the late Ventril Deis.

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Velvet Buzzsaw it would have been a blast if he was just a cunning sender of the art world, but once Rodora and the company discovered Dees' dark story, and once his paintings begin, well, literally killing people, it becomes a complete disorder. This movie is so absurd, so deeply weird, just cheerful, relentless, and black from the beginning to the end. Missing weight Night shadow, but that's also true, as well as the fact that this stupid film is presented to Sundance. In a film where people are changing literal rubbish and real bodies as art, it's pretty fun that Gilroy gives this daring murder show as an art movie.

But for all your camp and absurdity, Velvet Buzzsaw is a great-looking movie, with impressive interiors and urban views (and close-knit hair-strings looking at the lakes of which), and Dees art really stops. Each show is cheerful and memorable, and besides the above, which includes only the three worthy characters in the movie: John Malkovich as once a brilliant artist who struggles to find his vision in his new sobriety, David Diggs as an unmistakable newcomer in the art scene Natalia Dyer as an unlucky assistant who manages to be hired by people just before being brutally killed by art.

Gilroy has the talent to tell surreal, sometimes even hallucinatory stories with absolute consistency. It will not take long for you to enter Velvet BuzzsawAnd once you are invested, it will be difficult for you to leave this dull, bloody, strange world.

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