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The IBP will provide Palavan, the fishermen of Zambala, a WPS case in the SC

The IBP will provide Palavan, the fishermen of Zambala, a WPS case in the SC

Integrated Bar of the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The Integrated Law Firm of the Philippines (IPP) adheres to its petition to the Supreme Court, along with the fishermen of Palawan and Zambalais, for the protection of marine resources in the Western Philippine Sea.

"IBP is firmly in front of the fishermen, the IBP Chapters, and the lawyers involved in the petition for a calicazan filed before the Supreme Court," IBP Domingo Egon Kayoza, the new national president, said in a statement Friday.

At the oral hearing Tuesday, Advocate General Jose Calida said he had a solemn declaration of the fishermen who allegedly participated in the petition before the Supreme Court.

Calida told the Supreme Court that fishermen are giving up the petition that they have been misled by the IBP and human rights lawyer Chel Diocno.

The accreditations were signed by 22 fishermen: two from Zambala and 20 from Kalayana, Palawan.

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The High Court suspended the oral contests. Calida said both sides agreed to reject the petition.

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But the Supreme Court did not confirm Calida's statement. His main information to the public. Brian Keith Hosaka said both sides had received their speech by Friday (July 12th).

The IBS said they would ask the Supreme Court more time because they would talk to the fishermen in Zambalales and Palawan.

"Taking into account the new claims of the Advocate-General's Office, lawyers will turn to the Supreme Court for time to consult fishermen in Zambalais and Palawan to be more appropriate to take action on the case," Kayossa said. ,

The IBP says it will continue to advocate "the implementation of environmental laws, the protection of the rights and welfare of fishermen, and the securing of the territory and heritage of our country in the Western Philippine Sea."

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