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The local TV show will be part of Marvel's cinematic universe

In fact, Loki will be chained to MCU's events with his new show.
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Disney cares for Marvel fans to sign up for their upcoming streaming service by linking the shows directly to super-popular movies.

In the last few years, Marvel's television production has been quite strange. Above all, there are many of them SHIELD agents and Inhumans of ABC, at all Defenders Netflix shows even extends to legion for FX, Refugees of Hulu et al. Some of them have just existed in their own right, mostly or completely ignorant of the films that inspire them to a great extent. Others have tried to connect with the movies, either by linking the story, or with some vague references here and there.

In the end, however, just because the shows are not produced by the same people who make movies – Marvel Television vs. For example, we are trying to find out when a Thanos breakthrough will occur SHIELD agents just to … no. At least not yet.

In the new interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Faye clearly indicated that the upcoming Disney + shows, such as Loki's officially announced show and Vision / Scarlet Witch and Falcon / Winter Soldier, are yet to be all will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has been running since 2008.

"This will be Marvel Studios," said Faige at "They will be completely intertwined with both the current MCU and the past MCU, as well as the future of the MCU."

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Now, for many of us, it seems quite obvious. On course shows that the MCU stars will participate in the MCU. It would be strange for Tom Hidstron to make a Loki show that did not admit he had played Loki in five previous films. On the other hand, Clark Greg is on this line SHIELD agents, a show that still hinders MCU connections but is not the 100% integrated country that it is intended to be. But yes, although these Disney + projects will be TV shows, they are being handled by Marvel Studios.

Another interesting thing in this quote is how Feige does not engage with the show in current MCU timeline. He explicitly mentions the past, the present, and the future, making it possible to preach things that are spoken in some cases.

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There is no official schedule for any of the upcoming shows, but Disney + is likely to debut this autumn – and more information about it and its shows comes in April.

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