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Warm-up time: Balloon Orr finished three? – Football


Balloon Or Or Finale 3 Expired?

" This is the demand for all the players"

So this promotion for Ballon d 'Or. Then he shows black and white footage of some poor 10-year-old brains whose brain was so poisoned by the individual's football cult, he really believes that the landing of a prize awarded by a lot of journalists is literally better than winning the World Cup . Really a warning story.

Anyway, experienced overtime translators will note that the top three players shown after champion Cristiano Ronaldo's defense are:

  • Killian Babe
  • Rafael Varen
  • Luka Modric

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Probably nothing but all three players is among the favorites of the bookmakers. But hey, let's get out of the way!

For what it is worth – and that's very little – Warm-Up is hard to board a Modric Hype train. Yes, he is extremely good and has been around for some time. It is true that he won the Champions League and led 4 million and Dejan Loren in the World Cup final.

But what exactly was his defining contribution? For Warm-Up, the most memorable act needed a silly song to be motivated for the World Cup semi-final. Of course, we're cool with hating the band in England, but the modest "chip-on-arm" little boy act was pretty tense.

It is clear that the defining player in 2018 – the man whose exciting play is carved on the Warm-Up hippocampus – is Mbappe.

Honestly, this amazing getaway against Argentina will be enough to prevent us. And if that sounds reductive … it is, but I just remember that we're talking about a stupid individual prize voted by a bunch of journalists.

Four more years (to the World Cup)

A feeling of getting mucus in the nose, throat and sinus this morning? This, friends, is a World Cup fever. Also known as Qatar! Is this something included?

Yes, Qatar 2022 begins four years today. Some people who definitely have no skin in the game are very excited …

… others feel a little tired of everything …

… and the rest of us are still a little confused about how everything will work.

SPOILER: It will be very similar to watching high-level football in November and December, something you do every year. It will not be as strange anywhere as you imagine.

Which does not mean that this is the right or reasonable host country. This piece of David Conen in the Guardian is the best of several pieces today in Qatar 2022.

PSG crisis injury

Speaking of Qatar and talking about players who would rather prefer individual prize teams, these are PSG panic stations. Mbappe and Neymar both went down with a heavy bodily injury in the international shutdown last night, leaving the French champions not having many options before the game against the mournful Toulouse.

They can even use (* check the team to find some absurdly inadequately used $ 40 million signing *) … Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting? Wow, that's really serious.

PSG host Liverpool in Crisis Champions League next week. It's not that he's going to say that, but we can probably assume the benefit of his surrender is down because Stoke has less fears about Juergen Klop than two of the top 10 players in the world.


Wales is the finest player of all time is … Chris Gunter ???

The reason for his record appearance was marked by a 1-0 defeat for Albania.


Heroes: Scotland

Promotion for Scotland! League B milk and honey are waiting for the heroes of the Big EEG UEFA!

Zero: Germany

"The warm-up time" yesterday was a bit heavy for Der Nationalmannschaft's pitiful situation – but, dear reader, things have become even worse for Germany. Poland's draw against Portugal last night led to the loss of Jogi Loew's men to Pot 2 in Euro 2020.

This fact will be ridiculous until they are drawn up against England.


In the spirit of someone other than Messi and Ronaldo who win Ballon d 'Or, here is the winner in 2007 Kaka, which makes Gabriel Heinze really stupid.


Go right to 2:41 for Ronaldinho's best cartoon show you'll see on this day.


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