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30-fold increase in prices. One entry in the bill was enough

The amendment to the Energy Efficiency Act is waiting for a very long time because at the end of June the shelf life of the most popular white certificates of the so- auction. I hope that the bill will be changed and that the extended certificates leave many investors, as evidenced by the sale of these securities in recent months.

Who then sold the PMEF for PLN 23-30 per tonne (one tonne equivalent oil – equivalent to one metric tonne of crude oil with a calorific value of 10,000 kcal / kg), can now spit in beard. From the session to the session there was such an increase in quotes that no one had ever dreamed of before. Because suddenly, without consulting, the project turned upside down in the white certificates market.

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On the Seyme website, the draft amendment to the act and the extension of the validity of these certificates by two years appeared just before the end of the weekend. There was no session on Monday. On Tuesday when quotes on the property rights market began, the lowest price of certificates was already 524 PLN / t and the highest – PLN 750. Ultimately, the fixation is set at 600 PLN / dollar.

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"Never before did we have such an increase in quotes. Yes – there were more movements – related to the legislative changes, but that was probably a puncture. It is worth waiting for the final of the work on the law and its new element, which gave the second life of the tender certificates. The legislative process is at a very early stage, and the market has shown a strong belief that the project will come into force quickly, "said merchant Tomas Soroko.

The problem of giant price fluctuations in white auction certificates would not have existed if everything went according to the assumptions of the Energy Efficiency Act, as amended three years ago. Auction certificates issued on the basis of the old regulations received a transitional period – by the end of June 2019. In the last, fifth auction in 2016, many more certificates were issued than in the previous ones. These are the certificates that investors already have.

Failure to implement Minister Emilevic's announcement is a very bad news for Polish steel companies complaining about the lack of state aid.

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Magdalena Sklodowska,

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TomekToday, you do not need to take bribes, today you have to write a law and monetary increases stemming from this law …

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hisThe question is who won it ??? because they have not sold you and those who have decided to extend it.

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YarekCommission, check speculation.

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