Tuesday , June 22 2021

A complement to Google Chrome that helps you learn languages ​​with Netflix

Of course, this is not a solution for people who just started their adventure with a new foreign language, but in the later learning period, it helps a lot in domestication. The configuration and performance of the Google Chrome add-on is very simple and is presented in the following video. From the application level, we also have access to the translation of every word with a pretty rich description of its potential meanings. The app can also color less popular words and phrases, and stop the movie after each subtitle row. To manage it, remember a few keys on the keyboard.

Currently this add-on is free and in this form it will remain publicly available. However, creators are planning to build on it, creating, among other things, their own subtitle versions that will be combined with foreign audio tracks in movies and sequences. Thanks to this, a person who learns a new language will be able to listen to him at the same time. Such a function would be additionally payable.

Sorry, the extension is only available for Google Chrome. Netflix is ​​not actively involved in the development of this tool. Perhaps this will change in the future because, frankly, this is a very interesting idea that can be applied directly by the application of smartphones, tablets or TVs.

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