Monday , July 26 2021

A friend of the actress struggles for a lifetime. He asks for prayer

disease Anna Pisbilska reflected in the show business and the whole of Poland. The actress is loved by fans and colleagues. People praise her for the sky and where she appears, there is always laughter and joy. Extremely gifted, full of love and positively oriented to the world, the star lost the fight against cancer and left us more than four years ago. In the last moments she did not feel good, but she had children, her beloved mother and her partner, Jaroslav Benyuk, She also had a priest, Bernard Zielinskiwho stood beside her and encouraged him.

As revealed in a conversation with the factthey met with Anja's father:

I met Anja through her father, and I got a high school diploma with him. After many years she knocked on my door again. First came with my family and later visited me alone. Most often she came to me on a bicycle. We talked a lot about the meaning of life and death

Father Zilenski now needs help. He was very sick, and his situation was dramatic. He came to the John Paul II Help Center in the Gdansk Archbishopric as early as 2016 – he felt bad from 2014, but only two years later the situation became dramatic. From the moment he came under the care of the Center, he has remained in him until now. As the media reports, she dies and the family asks for a prayer that he has never refused to anyone.

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