Saturday , June 12 2021

Agora is negotiating the acquisition of Eurozet

Agora, together with the Czech company SFS Ventures, began negotiations on the potential acquisition of shares in Eurozet, Agora said in a statement. According to him, Agora will acquire 40%. shares, while SFS Ventures – 60%. shares in Eurozet.

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"The company has also begun negotiations with SFS Ventures on setting out detailed rules for a potential investment in Eurozet by SFS Ventures as a majority partner and the company as a minority partner and future cooperation of these entities as Eurozet partners," he writes.

SFS Ventures is a company incorporated under the laws of the Czech Republic, the majority of which is owned by the subsidiary Sourcefabric, offering open-source media solutions, while the minority shareholding is held by Salvatorska Ventures LCC, registered at the US subsidiary of Media Development Investment Fund.

"The company and SFS Ventures did not get exclusive rights to negotiate the acquisition of Eurozet shares," he writes.

The Eurozone was put up for sale a few months after it was bought by Czech Media Invest by French concern Lagader. The Czech company took Eurozet together with Lagardère's radioactive substances in the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia, paying 73 million euros. The transaction was announced in April 2018, and in June the Competition and Consumer Protection Office expressed its consent to its application in Poland.

At the beginning of December 2018, announced that Eurozet's offer was made by the Fratria Group. Agora, ZPR Media and PMPG Polskie Media were also among the potentially interested parties.

In mid-January the portal said Polish investor Zbigniew Jakubas wants to buy Media Invest Radio ZET from the Czech Republic.

The Eurozet group includes ZET, Antyradio, Meloradio (until September last year, ZET Gold) and Chillizet and websites, as well as ZET, the radio and television commercial, and the Eurozet Live Event Agency.


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