Monday , June 14 2021

An incredible goal in Colombia. Action in the style of Maradona and Ibrahimovic [WIDEO]

The young player is a football player Norte de Santander. His team played under Santander in under-21 games.

1 – 1 was the score after 55 minutes. Then Diaz took matters into his own hands and gave the lead to his team. The Colombian started the rally a few dozen meters outside the opponent's door. Seven home players passed, including the goalkeeper. He placed the last opponent on the line and hit the net.

In the end, the beautiful action did not win Diaz. The rivals won the match 3: 2. The player's goal video spread very quickly on the net.

Fans compare it to Diego Maradona's goal in the Argentina-England World Cup match in 1986 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal in Ajax's 2004 NAC match.

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