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Ariana Grande crying at the concert. There is a statement

It is impossible to hide that Ariana Grande has an extremely difficult time. Separation, the death of a former boy … It is a real wonder that he managed to release the planned album and go on a world tour. It seems, however, that the plan has not done well. Ariana Grande worsens health. What's happening to the star? The singer issued a statement on this issue. See below!

Is Ariana Grande sick?

We recently wrote that Ariana Grande shouted on stage at one of Pittsburgh's concerts. Maybe because for the first time since Mc Miller's death she appeared in his hometown. Recall that Ariana Grande has been in the relationship with the well-known rapper for more than two years. At the beginning of 2018 the singer left him. Apparently, he could no longer tolerate his drug addiction, which ultimately contributed to his sudden death in September 2018.

The whole situation seriously affected Ariana, who was already in relationship with Pet Davidson. Unfortunately, their relationship does not survive in this experience. They collapsed shortly after the rapper's tragic death. Then Ariana Grande was thrown into the swirl of work. It seems, however, that this is not a reasonable move …

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It turns out that Ariana Grande again failed to control the emotions during the concert. When she sang the song "R.E.M", which she wrote specifically for Mac Miller, tears flowed down her cheeks. This incident deeply upset Ariana's fans, which forced her to make a statement.

Statement by Ariany Grande

Singer's Instagram has a statement in which the artist explains his latest behavior. Recall that after the concert in Pittsburgh also a few words to the fans. She then admitted she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which is related to the attack that took place during her Manchester concert in 2017. What did she write this time?

I promise I will not give up on what I started. Now I feel everything more intense. I promised to look at the moment of my life, where I have to deal with many problems. That's why I often cry lately. Thank you for your understanding – we read in Ariana Grande's statement.

Do you think it's a good idea to keep walking around? Let us remind you that soon Ariana Grande will also come to Poland. Are you going to her September concert in Krakow?

Ariana Grande issued a statement

Are you going to her concert in Poland?

Ariana Grande suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder
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