Thursday , September 23 2021

Donald Tusk's daughter threw a picture of the bed on the net. Cassia showed too much? [FOTO]

Cassia and Donald Tusk. / photo: Instagram
Cassia and Donald Tusk. / photo: Instagram

One of Poland's most popular daughters of politicians actively maintains her Instagram account. Every time there he uploads new pictures, sometimes as bold as the last ones. What does her father Donald Tusk say?

Cassia Tusk shared pictures of the bed with fans on Instagram. The intimate photo obviously generated a lot of interest.

In Cassia's social media profile, she follows over 300,000 people. The former prime minister's daughter is a real influencer when it comes to Polish Instagram.

Now on Christmas Thursday, she shared with her fans a photo of her bedroom, posing without clothes. Did Donald Tusk's daughter show too much?

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