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Duchess Megan is not really pregnant?

Duchess Megan is in an advanced pregnancy. Soon for the first time she will become a mother and everyone expects this joyful day in tension. Megan and Harry did not reveal whether they were expecting a daughter or a son. Obviously, the parents themselves do not want to know the child's gender. – We do not know if he's a boy or a girl. We want this to be a surprise, "the duchess said recently. Since Kensington Palace in October has announced the happy news of the world, every step of the pregnant Megan is causing great media interest. The Duchess must be born at the end of April and her stomach is clearly visible. Meanwhile, there have been reports that the duchess … is not at all pregnant!

Duchess Megan pretends to be pregnant?

The 37-year-old princess has been closely observed during pregnancy. Almost every week of it is photographed by photographers. It seems that the duchess will not be pretending to be pregnant. However, Internet users are convinced that Megan is not really pregnant, but only pretends to be carrying a prosthesis. They believe that in fact the child should give birth to a substitute. Where do these rumors come from?

All via an entry that recently appeared on the internet. The pregnant Megan makes it to hit the dog. The problem is that it makes it too light and efficient for a woman in an advanced pregnancy. Interauci (and especially Internet users) say it is not possible with such a big stomach, especially that the duchess still wore high-heeled shoes. The center of gravity of the woman's body then shifts and the theft is dangerous. In addition, a pregnant woman should not push so hard on her stomach.

Many people also suspect that her stomach is too large for the sixth month of pregnancy. They say the duchess will be born every day or if they are supposed to be twins. However, the rest of her body remains very thin, which is not common in pregnancy. Rumors of simulation of pregnancy will also confirm the strange behavior of Princess Megan. Every time we see her, she tightly covers her pregnant stomach. Internet users are often wondering why he does this in a way that shows …

We can not forget that Megan Mark is an actress. Would she risk being pretended to be pregnant, knowing she would be in the middle of the media? This seems unlikely.

Duchess Megan in an advanced pregnancy meeting at Brinsworth House. Expect twins?

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