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El. ME 2020. Kosovo – Poland. Marcin Górczyński: We're All Funny (comment)

Shame for all of Europe. Handball draw 23:23 with limousines from Kosovo. After throwing in the last second and the awkward match ME 2020. Special thanks should be sent to the headquarters of the Handball Union.

Marcin Górczyński

Marcin Górczyński

/ Mirosław Szozda
In the picture: Przemyslaw Kraevski

This is the biggest confusion of Polish handball for years. Because if you somehow explain the shameful defeat in October with Israel, competitors are dealing with handball each day and making progress in the junior, this desperate rescue with Kosovo is simply humiliating for the whole environment. There is no longer a scale of terms to indicate how much this result is offensive. Ultimately, the rivals from Kosovo are mostly half-whispered! They were picked up by the enthusiast, coach Thyp Ramadani and had to leave for work before the group meetings! Only two people each day earn money as handball players!

It has not been three years since the staff were on the brink of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Now all over Europe is making fun of handball.

I will not stop at the analysis of the game, in all respects was a nightmare. Forget about injuries. It is better to focus on the cause of this state of affairs because it is promising for a long time.

VIDEO VIDEO Judging for Leszek Kroutzki. "It was a year gone"

It is very much written about the sleepless period of success. The RUP did not do much to find the heirs of Karol Biletsky or Michal Jurtakki. In fact, he did nothing. When awakened, the rest of the world moved away from the length. And countries that until recently belonged to the Handball Third League are sitting in our queue.

In February, ZPRP gave Polish handball a curious decision to dismiss coach Piotr Przybecki. A man whose task was to build a refreshed performance without stars from the past. The fact is that Przybecki had opponents, mainly after the defeat with Israel, but for at least two years he has reviewed the cadres and prepared the core of the composition. Suddenly, a very different concept related to the work of the coach in the 2nd Bundesliga (July 2019) appeared suddenly in his relationship, although several days earlier he was allowed to leave and combine functions. The resignation at an express pace, probably with a ready receiver in the initial blocks. Patrick Rommel took the team to the final of the elimination, he oversaw everything from Warsaw, and in a conversation with the portal, one of the prominent activists revealed that he was the manager who would have the comfort of working for the World Cup 2023.

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In a lot with Kosów, decision-makers from Puławska Street had fingerprints. After releasing Przybecki, I wrote, "Why should I overturn everything with my head down three months before the clashes are to be or not? I hope that in the event of a disaster the Coach Council and the President will be happy to answer this question. Knowing the rhetoric of the relationship, I will say that the portal, which is the most widely used handball in Poland, is biased and one-sided.

For a scenic comparison – the result is a tired football connection with San Marino or Andorra. Imagine what will happen in the environment after such inconvenience. It is a pity that the ZPRP will not hit the chest.

Euro 2020, which could not be promoted, can still be saved, but what if it does not save Polish handball, but only generates the discipline that is in agony.

Was it the release of Piotr Prziebetsky?

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