Wednesday , September 22 2021

Epic apologizes for the "new" cosmetic item and quickly removes it from the game

Seasonal cosmetic items in the game Fortnite Epic Games are always exceptional and will never be sold separately. Thanks to this move the players showed more involvement, back to the game regularlyfor unlocking unique skins available only in current season. Well, not really.Source: Kotaku

In the latest store update Fortnite a dog appeared, a puppy that turned out to be literally identical to the previous four-legged, which will be unlocked in season six. In addition, the developers then decided to introduce animals into the game, which became new cosmetic backpack enhancementsThen he appeared Bonesy, a male who has several other options, He recently appeared in the store Gunner and Bonesy are virtually indistinguishable – except for the coat color, different appearance and logo on the scarf. Anyway, see for yourself.

This is not the first action of this type. At the end of June, Epic is out modified version of leather from season five and then it started a similar affairThe players – we now know correctly – were afraid that the situation would happen again. This time, however, the creators even formally issued a statement apologizing for the mistake and saying that Gunner was completely withdrawn from the game. Those who managed to buy it received the full amount of V-dollars and $ 200 in exchange.

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