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EWA SCHWESTA – who is a Polish rapper from Germany? [PIOSENKI, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK]

EWA SCHWESTA - who is a Polish rapper from Germany? [PIOSENKI/INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK]
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The Polish rapper who lives in Germany shocked public opinion! On ESKA.pl, you will find out who is Schwesta Ewa.

Schwesta Ewa – who is the Polish rapper from Germany? This question might be asked by people who have just heard about the public which is controversial and surprising. Internauts want to learn something about their songs, Instagram and Facebook. The most important information about Schwesta Ewa is collected in our article.

Who is the Ewa Schwesta?

Schewsta Ewa is a pseudonym Ewa Malanda, which used the name Müller before. He was born on July 16, 1984 in Koszalin. From there, with his mother and brothers, he fled from his father. Initially, the family had to settle in the United States, but eventually settled in Kiel, Germany.

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Schwesta Ewa grew in poverty. Soon, the problem with the law began, which lasted for years. Around 2011, he succeeded in changing his destiny. He devoted himself to making rap music.

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However, the problem returned in 2016. He was later detained by the police, and in 2017 he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for pimps. He is currently in prison.

Schwesta Ewa – song

Shcewta Ewa is a very controversial rapper. His works often talk about the world of crime and prostitution. Schwesty Ewa's popular songs include Escortflow. Tabledance or Schubse den Bullen.

Schweta Ewa – pregnancy

Recently, the public was shocked by the news that Ewa, who was in Schwest prison, would give birth to her first child there. Under the photo on Instagram he wrote, among other things, that he would try to get a special cell for mothers with children in prison.

Schwesta Ewa – Instagram

On Instagram, we can find Polish rapper accounts. Apart from deprivation of freedom, new photos are still sent there.

Schwesta Ewa – Facebook

We can also find a lot of content on Facebook, Ewa's Schwesta. Here, besides photos, you can also find some rapper music videos from Poland.

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