Monday , June 14 2021

Festival in Sopot 2019, first day. stylization

Malgorzata Rosenek, is one of the stars that you can't pass indifferent. He has the right fashion sense, thanks to which he can create unusual styles. She dresses differently, which means something less formal. The star appeared in the audience TOP OF TOP Sopot Festival 2019,

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This time I went crazy with my hair. She decided to lengthen her hair and braid it in African braids, but also weave some color into it so that the hairstyle becomes very visible, A photo of the effect she boasted on Instagram. Of course, this caused a wave of comments and enjoyment.

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The challenge for sure was choosing the right outfit for the hairstyle, but this time perfect she did it! As she appeared on the wall during the evening concert, with Radoslav Maidan, she caught everyone's eye!

A huge pastel blue sweater that plays the role of a dress, and those shoes! Tall, tight boots, high heels, with a dollar model. then point above and star styling! She fits the outfit perfectly with her new, crazy hairstyle. We worship! There is no doubt that Małgosia Rozenek-Majdan is one of the best dressed stars in Polish show business.

In every styling, it looks like a million dollars.

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