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Genoa CFC – SSC Napoli: preview, Friday vs. Belongs to

  • In the 12th round, Genoa A series will face Napoli
  • Poland attacked Krzysztof Piątek and Arkadiusz Milik in the attack of the two teams
  • They both have completely different positions at their club. Friday was Genoa's best striker and Milik almost broke up with the team

This is the best Genoi striker since Roberto Pruzzo – these words react to the game Krzysztof Piątek are Juventus, Napoli, Milan, Parma and Lazio soccer players Oscar Damiani. "His attitude means that Napoli fans can miss Gonzalo Higuain" – this is how the performance of Arkadiusz Milik against Roma (1: 1) was commented on in "La Gazzetta dello Sport".

Bid rejected

It's hard to get a better summary of the last months attacking the Polish national team in Italy. One compares with three times Serie A shooter.

Because the second fan had to sigh to the photos of hated footballers, on whose clothes they were wearing trash. In round 12, the road they crossed. Genoa play with Napoli at the Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris.

Although in relation to fantastic and varied cuisine, Bologna, the capital city of Emilia-Romagna, is called "La Grassa", or just "Gruba", on Saturdays in Genoa, which is 300 km to the west, there will be many distinctive flavors. First of all, the excitement of the competition was added on Friday. Even though the 23-year-old striker in the last four goals has not scored, he remains the most effective player in the league and his name appears every few days in the context of transfers to a stronger team from Genoa.

For another week, the theme of moving to Naples returned to wallpaper. On Wednesday, Rosslu general manager Giorgio Perinetti stated that the bid for Italian runners-up was rejected, but the azzurrich owner Aurelio De Laurentiis would not let him go. According to SportMediaset, he would certainly not pay 60 million euros, which was asked by the head of the Genoa team, Ivan Preziosy, but he was willing to pay 35 million for the Pole. And it turns out that it can lead to compromise.

Burning room

On Saturday it was an important test for Piątek. The similarity with Pruzzo from the height of the bench will be judged by Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti. And this 59-year-old player is perfect for this, and in the end he appeared with "Il Bomberem" in Rome. And besides, that they went crazy outside the grass (including accidentally setting a hotel room on fire and fearing club guards almost died), they played football well. The Giallorossi with them in the composition won the Scudetto and four wins in the Coppa Italia. Therefore, if Ancelotti's notice on Friday is characteristic of his old friend, Poland's chances of moving to the south of the peninsula will increase significantly.

Only … since when did the band take over Ivan Jurić, "Il Pistolero" stopped scoring and in the last series the meeting was in reserve, the first time in Serie A. Half joking, half-serious could be said the Croatian coach chose a style of play, inspired by architecture Genoa. Caruggi – narrow streets in the old city – was built with the aim of surviving the invaders, because small alleys between the buildings slowed down the aggressors and allowed them to be attacked from above. Jurić also focused on defense and in the first two clashes paid for him (a draw with Juventus 1: 1 and Udinese 2: 2), but in the following two he was beaten by teams from Milan. However, according to Italian media, on Saturday Friday will go to the field in a duet with Christian Kouame.

He wants to, but he can't

Will Milik have the opportunity to outwit Juricia? Maybe yes, because Ancelotti will give the Dries Mertens a break, which was changed during the competition with PSG (1: 1) due to a shoulder injury. The Belgium trained with the team, but still had to sit on the bench. This is an opportunity for a Pole. This season, the 24-year-old is on average, he scored fewer goals than Lorenzo Insigne and Mertens, and got shorter from week to week. In the last four games he only played 56 of the possible 360 ​​minutes. "This is a difficult moment for Milik. This season matches the slogan perfectly: I want to, but I can't" – this is how he values ​​LGDS attackers in white and red ".

In addition, Fabiana Ruiza replaces Piotr Zieliński, so it is not surprising that clashes in Genoa were advertised on the Apennine Peninsula under the slogan: "A ritmo in Polska", referring to Albert Bertolotto's book about the 1974 World Cup. At least, offensive players should move wisely , beaten by Polish representatives.

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