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Grindelwald crime. "I am waiting for the next part [RECENZJA]

For many people, the "Fantastic" series can only be a coupon piece from the original story about Harry Potter, for me it will complement and above all develop a world that I have known well for years and really like. It is known, there is nothing more cruel in his opinion than disappointed fans. So I emphasized, "Grindelwald's evil" gave me the emotions I wanted. I went to the cinema with high hopes and I would not leave the screen disappointed.

What's all this about?

The action of the second part of "Fantastic Animals" began several months after the first film. Played by Johnny Depp, a magician doctor Gellert Grindelwald sits in the vision of America. To be shown there was captured earlier by Newt Skammander – in this charming and retired role Eddie Redmayne.

Grindelwald naturally escaped during transportation to Europe. He hid in Paris, where he planned to rule the world of magus and ordinary people.

He was well aware that he needed a famous Creedence (Ezra Miller) who had powerful and powerful magic. Grindelwald believes that only wild people will be able to cope with his former friends, and is now the only strength and unity equal to him – Albus Dumbledor (Jude Law). Both know that we cannot fight with each other through the oath they took for the module. That's why Dumbledore asked for help in tracing and defeating Grindelwald from his former student, the previously mentioned Skammander.

Newt goes to Paris, where he, along with Tina, Jacob and Queenie (also known from the first part), tries to stop the shaman. In this city, the main action takes place, looking for missing people and duels. Of course, it will not run without complications, including those of romance, history or family.

Too many good things?

I really wonder if the second part of the plot will be understood by those who have not seen the previous film and the books are not read. And admit that people who "don't know" will definitely get into trouble. But honestly, I don't think this film will be made for anyone who doesn't know the world.

I like that the magic world is expanded to include Couples, I like all the "Fantasy Animals" nostalgia plugs from the originals to them, although in chronological order they will tell about Harry Potter. And I certainly won't compare Harry Potter films with "Fantastic Animals". You can see that J.K. In the case of a new film production, Rowling wants to build a narrative in a different tone, a little worse than before.

I like Johnny Depp as a lap. Characterization gives a beautiful look to the zowie character and "liski" from this hero.

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Although it must be admitted that Grindelwald will be far more skilled and refined than Voldemort. He did not sting anyone openly against violence, he "cut off" everyone, gradually adapting to the needs of "gadk". And it's so intuitively effective that you can't really love Depp.

It's not perfect

Cho the film kept me in the drink (on the blanket I waited for two years to see it), I think sometimes it's too melancholic and nostalgic. I understand that this will actually tell about the struggle between good and evil, the "magical" narrative of racism and fascism, and these are topics where art does not really fall.

But on the other hand, don't be exaggerated. It must be remembered that nostalgia and sympathy for the world described did not make viewers watch in theaters. I don't have a small situation, I won't even move forward. And I hope that there will be more of them who will be more entertaining. Dark. Which does not change the fact that history will attract me so I will not see when the film jumps.

Admit it, I read other people's reviews and there are some guesses. And that is the fact that there is too much in the film, and that there are too many heroes and it's hard to find a way to do it at some point. I read that there are too many special effects, but this film does not have magic.

I will say this: yes, there are many things that happen in the film. Obviously this is not my problem, so I won't complain about excess plugs or extra characters – I want everything, so every new person honestly makes me tingle. For me, this is an advantage, I will get into trouble if I have to wait with all this courage for the next film.

And what about the satisfaction of special effects? I will not pay attention. I would say more, in all the previous films, I missed such scenes with "charm", now there are as many blankets as needed. That's why I waited so much for the next part.

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