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Harmony instead of Android this year

How about Ark OS / Hongmeng?

In the last few weeks, there was a lot of information about Ark OS or Hongmeng. As for this platform, even Huawei's president and founder, Ren Zhengfei, speaks of the high performance of their system. Now, however, we have learned that the Chinese people's plans are a little more complicated.

Liang Huah of Huawei's supervisory board recently said the company is not planning to develop this smartphone platform. So far, however, they plan to focus on its application to the Internet of Things. Undoubtedly, this will be a good place to check the capabilities of the system and will allow you to see which aspects need improvement.

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I have to admit that this is quite surprising information. It is impossible to hide that a promotional campaign has already begun, and suddenly the sentence has changed. It was also mentioned that for now Android will be the dominant system in their smartphones. It is ultimately understandable because it has to calm investors and show customers that they can buy handsets with the well-known platform and all Google apps. The gradual introduction of its platform has much more meaning here. Especially you will have to persuade developers to create applications for it.

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Harmony – a special smartphone system

At the same time, Huawei registered a new brand. harmony – will obviously be called West Hong Kong / Arc OS after all. We have to add that the first equipment with him on board will be known this year. However, there is no reason to expect that they will appear for the first time in Europe because the manufacturer prefers to start with a particular Chinese market where they will certainly appreciate the availability of a "national" system instead of US Android. I am curious how they will approach new proposals in the Middle Kingdom. We will have to wait until 2020 for global developments. Honestly, it's interesting how the company will try to sell and convince customers. Undoubtedly, focusing on the budget can be a great way to get positive feedback and loyal customers. rule the price is doing miracles in this case it may be crucial.


Naturally, Huawei and Honor do not pay off to quit Android. Recent events, however, make them understand that you need to start working with your own system because it is difficult to say how long the ban on co-operation is stable and how long it will last. Given the recent US decisions, I doubt it will last long. But we will see if the Chinese will be able to show a fully functioning system with the necessary applications or will get a beta version.

source: Ausdroid, Softpedia

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