Tuesday , June 15 2021

He adds honestly to himself: "I spent years on the road with rock rolls and I met life like almost no one"

I will add honestly to myself:

Dode you may like it or not, but you have to admit it has been for years one of the biggest stars of Polish show business, Every poet knows what he does not know about, and he certainly recalls his contradictory beginnings, participation in it bar and media relations.

Dorota has almost constantly published a variety of information, and lately, mostly because of her initiation concert against hateThe idea to organize the show under the name has since appeared Hate artists, new reports are displayed each day about who will appear on it:

Hate artists. There is a list of the first officially confirmed performers: Steczkowska, Rodowicz, Hyży, Sarsa …

Next musicians join the Doda concert: Rodowicz, Budka Suflera, Quebonafide, Mandarin … (LIST)

Although it seems that Rabchevska is busy with everything on the last button, she finds some time giving a new interview, During a conversation with a journalist To the point she has recognized this for years leads a very intense lifestylebut she has always tried to eat healthy food, sleep and avoid stimulants:

Cancer grows in people like mushrooms after rain. Every time I see someone drinking a red bull, my heart hurts for him. In schools you have to learn about it, how food can be poisoned and how to treat it the artist complained.

She also added that thanks to many years of work in the industry with different people knew life welland keeps it under control presence of relatives:

I'm far from the frantic image of a lady, I'm honest with the fans. I spent years on the road with rock-roll and learned life like almost nobody she said bitterly, It's a tough piece of bread, and it's very important for your relatives to keep you close to the ground so you do not pull them. Especially when baking soda, but more so that they do not turn when you lose everything.

Her years of experience and charity have taught Rabchevska to value life and health care above all:

I saw terrible things. One day I played chess with a colleague who suffered from leukemia and on the second day he was pulled out in a black bag – he remembers the difficult times of Dorothy.

Is it becoming a more mature day after day?

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