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He broke the service and received applause from Vital Heinen. He plays as Bartos Kuurek on M1! [OCENY]

Players are rated by a school scale of 1-6.


Marcin Komenda: 5

Another very good performance by the playmaker who has the right to think for number two after Fabian Drzyzdze. He uses all the options in the attack, he consistently shows how well he can play with the environment, even if the service gets worse.

Marcin Janusz: No evaluation

He played briefly


Maciej Muzaj: 5

Very good 12/19 in the attack and two points in the block. With great security, you can see that Mussa psychically feels better and better.

£ ukasz Kaczmarek: 3

Unfortunately, the weaker results. In attack only 6/15, there is no point in other elements.

Bart³omiej Bożek: not rated

He was playing too short.


Carroll Klos: 5-

This time the attack is worse, 5/12. But three points in the block and the service. The master captures the measure of expectations again.

Norbert Huber: 6

The flawless attack: 8/8! Up to five points with a block and one service ax. Interestingly, he also took three lizards without making a mistake. It is a pity that Vital Heinen can not bring big tournaments with five. But even if the junior world champion does not qualify for August, who knows if he will not get his chance at the European Championship in September.

Andrzej Vrona: No evaluation

He did not play.


Bartos Bednarz: 5+

He scored 24 points, most of the team. After two he won the block and the service, the attack had a very good 20/35 balance. He is also overloaded and has received 27 lizards (most of our team). Here was a little worse, rivals did two aces on him, he had 44 percent. positive reception. It is very valuable that he lived in a match, can get angry, bury what is needed. Who knows if Heinen finally did not convince himself. A year ago, the coach did not see a white-red machine in it. Now he's applauding him.

Bartos Kulek

The weak attack, 5/19. At the reception desk, the best of us, 50 percent. (20 balls were sent to him, one ace was made). He helped a lot, served three aces and a few balls that came back to our country and gave us a counter.

Piotr £ ukasik: not valued

He was playing too short

Tomasz Fornal: No rating

He did not play.


Jakub Popivchak: 4-

Well in defense, but in the acceptance too weak. He took 18 copies, did not give up, but he had only 22 percent. positive reception, or at least in the team.

Jędrzej Gruszczyński: no evaluation

He did not play.

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