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Ina Benita fakes her own death. She made her life in other countries


Ina Benita fakes her own death to protect herself and her son. When everyone was convinced that the big star of Polish cinema was dead, she calmly settled her life in several countries. She did it out of fear but also in love. This story is amazing! Who was Ina Florow-Bulhak after the war?

Ina Benita was a film and theater actress. She was born in Kiev and recalled years later that she came from a wealthy family. If it wasn't for the start of World War II, we certainly would have known more about it today. She had a spectacular career ahead of her. portal he came to the unknown facts of her life after the war.

Ina Benita survived the war

She was born as Ina Florow-Bulhak in 1912 or 1916. When she was a few years old, her family moved to Poland. andHe graduates from the Paris School of Arts and Vocal Courses. After returning to the country, she devoted herself to an acting career. She was a star loved by the public and to this day many people think that if it wasn't for the war, she would have a chance for world fame.

During the war, she met Austrian Otto Leaver, an officer in the Wehrmacht. When their relationship came to light, the actress came across Pawiak. There she gave birth to a son, Tadeusz. But his father was not Le Havre. Ina becomes pregnant by underground activist Hans Georg Pas. In 1944, the star was released from prison. According to the witness, she died with her son during the Warsaw Uprisingwhen, with a group of refugees on the canals, she tried to reach Śródmieście.

Wedding gift

Ina Benita: post-war fate

After many years, surprising information emerged about Inna Benita, mainly thanks to the Pasch family. In 2018, the actress' relatives released documents that make it clear that the star lived for many years after the war. Why was he hiding? Most likely, it was about her counterintelligence activities, her relationship with the Wehrmacht officer, and her love for the son she wanted to protect. In May 1945, the actress was already in Lower Saxony, where she married Hans. A few months later, however, the man was killed.

After her husband's death, Ina had to move to France. She worked as a dancer and singer in Nice and Cannes. Due to insufficient income, she was forced to give Tadeusz to a monastery school for three years. She met with American Lloyd Fraser Scuder, a U.S. Air Force official. In 1950, their son John was born. Two years later, when their financial condition improved significantly, the actress picked up Tadeusz from school.

Later, due to Lloyd's work, they stayed in Algeria, Morocco and then left for the United States. They lived in New Mexico, Dayton, Ohio and eventually Middletown. The ex-actress's husband died in the 1960s, and after his death she worked as a cleaner. Died of lung cancer in 1984She is buried in Middletown, PA.


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Ina Benita was a promising actress in Polish cinema.

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During the war she fled the country and never returned to him. She was pronounced dead.


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